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Custom Pricing

Contract Period
min. 1 year
Number of Accounts
Up to 30
Store Ranking*
Store Information*

Usage Ranking(Date, Category and Demographics filtering)

Limited Access

Trend Radar(Date, Category, Up/Down Trend filtering)

Limited Access

User Activity(29 indices)

Limited to 6 Apps**

Behavior Analysis

Limited to 6 Apps**
Limited to 6 Apps**
Retention Analysis
Limited to 6 Apps**
Limited to 6 Apps**
(add on)
App Ape Alpha***

Data Export(CSV, XLSX)

(add on)

Revenue Analysis(BETA)

(Japan Only)
Custom Dashboard
(add on)

Premium Records(API, Raw, Historical data)

(add on)
White Paper App Market Report
(Upon Request)
Personal Consultant
External License
(add on)

* Covered Stores : Google Play Store, Apple App Store

** Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger

*** Provide our mobile data under development as a alpha version.

Additional Solutions

A little something to help you understand the market better and see what you are not meant to see.

App Ape Premium Service

App Ape Premium Service

Access to raw, historical data. Get yourself a full picture of app usage data though our API Integration services. Direct access to data such as app users, installs, MAU, device info., demographics, etc.

See more details >

Custom Report

Custom Report

one-off or regular made-to-order reports on mobile app market. Exclusive data and insights into market trends, your users and most importantly your competitors'.

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Commonly asked questions

How is the data acquired?

App Ape is a panel survey method that acquires data based on the consent of users from the SDK of our company and the partnership application. Taking into consideration the ethical consideration of data acquisition and the protection of privacy, we obtain consent to the terms of use from the terminal application provided by our company, and at the same time acquire the actual use data when monitoring the use situation.

How many data panels and reliability do you have?

It is virtually impossible to investigate all Android terminal users (total number survey) in numerical calculation. App Ape holds data sent by up to 700,000 users each month. Based on up to 50,000 sampling user data from each country extracted from the data, we have calculated data to be various indicators in App Ape. The standard error is defined to be within 0.44% to 1.4% based on 95% of the confidence interval of statistical methods.

Can I publish/distribute contents using App Ape data to a public audience?

You may use our data for business purposes within companies or organizations only. Public citation (Social Media, Blog, etc.) is not allowed. If you would like to refer our data for news references, please contact our customer support team.

I want to check if there is data for this app before making a contract.

If you would like to check the presence of data before contracting, please contact our support team. Our representative will check and answer as promptly as possible.

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