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Our simplified, intuitive dashboard delivers Precise app usage data to make your job easier.

Competing Apps Analysis

Analyze your competitors' main KPIs such as active users data, user demographics, overlapping apps and much more.

App Market Intelligence

Know your mobile app market. Find out data concerning latest trends and revenue ranking that app stores are hiding from you.

User Knowledge

Observe popular apps among your user base to find potential partners that will contribute to your future growth.

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Discover the different features that make App Ape a must-have tool.

App Analytics

Monitor data such as demographics and active users of ANY app.

Trend Radar

Check the variations in terms of active users during the last days.

Usage Ranking

Keep updated about apps that are really used with usage rankings.

Behavior Analysis

Analyze the evolution of user activity through the mobile app lifecycle.

Android & iOS Available

Our data provide indicators for any app on both Android and iOS for japan and korea.

Data Updated Everyday

App Ape lets you track outcomes of your marketing campaigns within 24 hours after you execute them.

Usage Data by Country

App Ape has built itself a solid reputation in Japan and South Korea during the past few years thanks to the quality of its data, and is now seen as a reference for those markets.

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About Our Data

We collect actual mobile app usage data from panel users and calculate statistical estimates that are theoretically close to the real numbers. We are proud of our capability of analyzing data persistently and quantitatively.

Actual Usage Data Don't Lie

Actual Usage DataDon't Lie

Unlike questionnaires, you can't get results that are false or untrue from actual mobile app usage data. Our data are actual usage data directly collected from mobile users' devices and statistical estimates based on that, which allows us to provide more accurate information than the usual qualitative research methods.

Statistically Sufficient Sample Size

Statistically SufficientSample Size

App Ape possesses data sent from up to 700,000 users each month. Among them, we extract up to 50,000 panel’s user data from each country to calculate data which becomes various indices in App Ape. Based on 95% of the confidence interval of the statistical method, the standard error is set to fall within 0.44% to 1.4%.

Our Method for Less Biased Data

Our Method for LessBiased Data

We Strive to improve the accuracy of our estimates by using sample weighting method that aggregates collected samples according to a segmentation of the population in order to prevent the imbalance that occurs in the process of selecting data from samples and to reflect the market composition of smartphone users.

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