Swan dive into apps users’ minds.

Discover the DAU and demographics figures for your competitors’ apps without SDK integration.

We Take Your App Business to The Next Level

Our simplified, intuitive dashboard delivers credible app usage data to make your job easier.

See Right Through Competitors

Stop guessing. Start knowing. Unveil your competitors' key metrics to plan a compelling strategy to win your market.

Talk Money

Always keep an eye on how much other apps are making. App Ape provides revenue rankings, which are no longer available in App Store.

Go Beyond Just "Downloads"

Take a close look at userbases of different apps with App Ape. Our data let you see user active rate, dormant rate, and more.

One Tool For Various Needs

Market Trends

Learn your market first. App Ape shows data that the stores hide from you. Revenue rankings on Android and iOS are available.


Spy on your competitors' key metrics including installs, active users, user demographics, retention, user activities and much more.

End Users

Find what other apps are popular among your user base. Our app usage data allow you to understand their behaviors more than before.

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Fresh Delivery Everyday

From checking on your competitors to assessing outcomes of your marketing campaigns, our data serves various needs of your app business.
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Our Client

"With App Ape, You Can Instantly Grasp Market Trends for Any Category"

"It was a smart decision for us to use App Ape because it allows us to do many things from run analysis on our own apps to constantly keeping an eye on the market."

"We Effectively Use App Ape Across Divisions"

"App Ape helps us develop and execute a quantitative approach to project development. We find App Ape very useful when we want to have fact-based conversations with stakeholders in the organization."

Our Data

Delivering credible, purposeful information to you is our top priority. Learn how we collect and analyze data from here.

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Why some of the most influential company use App Ape? Let's find out.

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